• Reduces urban heat island effect and smog
  • Cleans interior air space by removing VOCs
  • Cleans outside air of pollutants and dust
  • Offsets carbon footprint
  • Acts as a sound proofing barrier
  • Increases biodiversity by creating habitats for birds and insects
  • Insulates and cools building, reducing utility costs
  • Soil and plants are a natural filter that can clean the water that flows through the wall
  • Helps children with ADHD focus better
  • Speeds patient recovery time via biophilia
  • Reduces absenteeism in the workplace and boosts employee morale
  • Qualifies for LEED certification points from USGBC
  • Can use to grow food in urban settings, creating sustainable and local control of food sources
  • Increases foot traffic in retail spaces
  • Increases real estate value

Green Wall Benefits

A green wall is either free-standing or part of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and, in some cases, soil or an inorganic growing medium. They are referred to as living walls, green façades, bio-walls, or vertical gardens.

About Green Walls

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