A green roof is a complete system devised to grow plants on the roof of a house or building, without incurring any leaks or damage to the roof membrane that protects the building envelope.

Green Roof Benefits

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  • Reduces urban heat island effect by cooling urban environment through evapotranspiration
  • Improves air quality and filters noxious gases
  • Offsets carbon footprint
  • Acts as a sound proofing barrier
  • Increases biodiversity by creating habitats for birds and insects
  • Insulates and cools building, reducing utility costs
  • Reduces stormwater runoff and filters pollutants
  • Doubles to triples lifespan of roof by protecting roof surface from contraction and expansion, harmful UV rays, and acid rain degradation
  • Improves productivity and morale in corporate environments
  • Qualifies for up to 15-20 LEED certification points from USGBC

About Green Roofs